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5 December 2023

Boubalé: a unique restaurant in the heart of the Marais

A new Parisian restaurant has opened its doors in Le Grand Mazarin hotel, the urban jewel in the Maisons Pariente collection. With an intimate atmosphere in the heart of a district full of Parisian bistros, the restaurant has created its own world, with culinary creations based on traditional Levantine cuisine. More than just a restaurant in the Marais, Boubalé is above all a unique and unusual place, dedicated to the pleasure of coming together.

The essence of the Boubalé restaurant: the love of a grandmother

The story behind the name of this unique Marais restaurant

Cuisine never comes from nowhere. Boubalé, which takes its name from a tender expression meaning “my little darling, my little doll” in Yiddish, reveals the Slavic culinary heritage by paying a warm tribute to the grandmothers of Eastern Europe.

Inspired by culinary traditions maintained since the beginning of time Boubalé revisits a cuisine of flavours that are little known in Paris. At the heart of this new restaurant in the Marais district, generosity and a taste for sharing are the core values.

A vibrant and creative district: the inspiration behind the Boubalé restaurant in the Marais

A prime location: Le Marais, a district steeped in history

A historic district of Paris, the Marais was, generations ago, a refuge for many Eastern European migrants, which is of very special significance for Boubalé. In the heart of these cobbled streets, our new restaurant is rooted in this mythical Paris. It is as if Boubalé had always been there.

The atmosphere of the Boubalé restaurant, influenced by the Marais district

Creative, cosmopolitan and avant-garde, the soul of the Marais extends to the heart of the Boubalé restaurant. In this flamboyant space designed by Martin Brudnizki, let yourself be awed by the baroque details, the flowery frescoes, the delicate patterned porcelain… Eating in one of the capital’s Levantine restaurants, in the heart of a district steeped in history, becomes a real pleasure.

In a setting where art and gastronomy merge, this new restaurant in the Marais district of Paris reveals itself as an unexpected and endearing place to discover. A true gateway to an authentic art of living.

A culinary journey from Slavic Europe to Paris

Slavic European cuisine revisited in the heart of Paris

At Boubalé, culinary creations nourish hearts and bodies, reflecting the generous dishes of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. At this new restaurant in Paris’s Marais district, recipes from these two worlds merge harmoniously to create bold, modern Levantine dishes.

Boubalé masterfully combines Polish, Hungarian, Russian and Iraqi influences. At his table, savour an exquisite challah with sumac cream and tomatoes, traditional matza balls revisited with lobster, and a signature dessert, the generous chocolate mousse. Sentimental and precisely crafted, the innovative Levantine cuisine will appeal to all your senses.

Push open the doors of Le Grand Mazarin hotel to discover our unique restaurant in the Marais. At Boubalé, treat yourself to an unprecedented gastronomic journey.

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