BOUBALÉ: the new Paris restaurant that's dazzling the Marais district

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At the heart of the prestigious Le Grand Mazarin Hotel, which opened its doors on the 18th of September, is a new restaurant in Paris called Boubalé. Israeli chef Assaf Granit is taking up the challenge of transporting you on a culinary journey to the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

The story behind BOUBALÉ

The legacy of the creators: Assaf, Dan, Tomer

Boubalé, a word cherished by Ashkenazi grandmothers to mean "my little doll" in Yiddish, is the culinary expression of Michelin-starred chef Assaf Granit, who pays homage to his childhood memories and his family tradition, which continues to be sustained.

Alongside talented chef Assaf, Dan and Tomer draw inspiration from their native cuisine and a mix of cultures, both near and far, to share their intimate and little-known story with you. A true reflection of a family history, this new restaurant in Paris promises a surprising and moving tasting experience.

The concept: a novel between Jerusalem and Paris

In the heart of the Marais, at the new Parisian address of Maisons Pariente, Boubalé invites you to its table. The story begins with flavours from Jerusalem, authentic and little-known. With their talent, their memories and their creativity, chefs Assaf, Dan and Tomer dare to bring refinement and sophistication to Ashkenazi specialities. A daring challenge that immerses you in the soul of Boubalé.

Ashkenazi cuisine revisited: a bold fusion of cultures

The Mediterranean influence

Boubalé showcases the richness of Ashkenazi cuisine. From Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Morocco, Iraq and elsewhere, the table at this new restaurant in Paris offers an astonishing dining experience. Through the culinary creations of Israeli chef Assaf Granit, Boubalé promises an immersion in the footsteps of Ashkenazi culture.

Parisian audacity

Chef Assaf Granit uses his remarkable creativity to give a Parisian twist to modest, generous dishes that up until now have been a well-kept secret. At this new restaurant in Paris, let yourself be surprised by dishes that are as contemporary as they are unexpected. On the menu, traditional Gefilte fish and Kreplah blend skilfully with refined flavours and techniques to create irresistibly compositions.

The strategic location of our new restaurant in Paris

The charm of the Marais

The Marais, the living, timeless soul of the City of Light, evokes an exquisite synergy between past and present. The maze of alleyways and stone facades preserving the historic imprint blend harmoniously with a thriving contemporary cultural scene. The warm, unique atmosphere of this emblematic district continues once you step through the doors of Le Grand Mazarin.

How do I get there?

Just a stone's throw from the Hôtel de Ville, on the corner of rue des Archives and rue de la Verrerie, Hotel Le Grand Mazarin has opened its doors. A unique address that invites you to discover the vibrancy and history of The Marais with the introduction of a new authentic restaurant on its doorstep.

The ground floor of this exceptional hotel is home to the restaurant Boubalé and a mysterious cabaret. Boubalé plunges you into an intimate setting with a lively baroque decor. From the winter garden to the chic bar, lined with whimsical prints adorning the benches and walls, Boubalé invites you to share its warm history.

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