Salle restaurant Boubalé

5 December 2023

Let yourself be transported by our unusual restaurant in the heart of Paris

Whether you’re staying at our five-star Le Grand Mazarin hotel or looking for a vibrant venue in a warm, chic atmosphere, Boubalé restaurant is sure to impress. We invite you on an incredible journey of discovery in a refined, hushed setting, for a truly unforgettable experience. Looking for a gourmet experience that will awaken all your senses? We’ve got just the culinary destination for you.

Our unusual restaurant in Paris invites you on a true journey of the senses

“Boubalé means “my little doll, my little darling” in Yiddish. It tells the story of a love affair that passes through the kitchen from generation to generation. And it’s the very soul of the Grand Mazarin restaurant that you’ll find here, for the duration of an exquisite culinary journey: you’ll leave our Marais restaurant to explore a cuisine imbued with the traditions of Slavic Europe and many other cultures, from Israel to Morocco and Iraq, among others.

Close your eyes, the gastronomic experience can begin: Boubalé invites you to walk through dishes, flavors and associations reinvented to the delight of fine gourmets and gourmands.

Boubalé invites you on a journey as unusual as it is deliciously exciting

An anti-conformist at heart, Boubalé enjoys combining the best of the two cultures that make up its very identity: the Levant and Slavic Europe. At his table, you enter a whole new world, between exuberance, traditions of (almost) lost worlds and nostalgia for the sweetness of childhood. With a true sense of celebration, Boubalé will never cease to transport you for lunch or dinner in the heart of the capital.

Don’t wait to book at our unusual Paris restaurant

Located within our luxury hotel Le Grand Mazarin, Boubalé welcomes you from 12:00 to 14:30 and from 19:00 to 23:30. You can book online, by phone on 07 81 45 41 58, or directly with our hotel staff.

And to round off a day in the heart of Paris in style, head to the Bar de Boubalé. For a cosy evening in a cocooned atmosphere or, on the contrary, full of magic, effervescence and enthusiasm, you’ll live to the rhythm of those who make the heart of the capital vibrate.

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